Learning from your body

Learning from your body

An Emersive Method at the CNAC

Traduit par Catherine Scott

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Preface: What's at play in the game…


Learning from your body
A new analysis of activity
Situating action in the living body
Discovering sensations
Access to the body
Techniques of the living body and the lived body
Unconscious adjustments of the living body
Analysing the typology of gestures in the first person
From physical exercise to habitus
From practice to bodily experience
Immersion of the situated movement in the playing field
Unconsciously embodied techniques
Contortion or circumventing the body schema?
The temporality of action
Sensation in the first person
Emersion of the living body in the self
Attention and visual processing
Concentration of the hands and attention to the living
Intentional gesture and motor anticipation
Body confidence
An intimate perception
A double viewpoint on tempo
Automatic movements and body techniques
Conclusion : Injury as a return to consciousness

Sources and references

Postface: How does the body apprehend a new movement?
Daily training in the circus arts
The visual body and the formula for movement
The tactile body and its interactions
The living body is a body schema


Sources and references

The National centre for circus arts
Teachers who collaborated on this project
Professional participants