Pathways to Connect Creativity and Sustainable Development

Pathways to Connect Creativity and Sustainable Development

Édité par Klaus-Peter Schulz, Kamel Mnisri

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Paul SHRIVASTAVA - Foreword

Klaus-Peter SCHULZ, Kamel MNISRI - Preface – Pathways Towards Connecting Creativity and Sustainability: Integrating Perspectives on ARts, TEchnology, Management and Social Sciences

Part I - Reflections related to creativity and sustainable development

Sandra WADDOCK - Reflections on Creativity, Innovation, and Emergence towards Flourishing

Pedro SENA-DIAS, Miguel PINA e CUNHA - Eupsychia 2049

Delphine WANNENMACHER, Khoudia GUEYE, Elise MARCANDELLA, Alain ANTOINE - Ethical Participatory Action Research

Stéphane GANGLOFF, Kamel MNISRI - The Relationship between Moral Imagination and Creativity in Teams

Part II - Arts, artistic interventions and embodiment

Takaya KAWAMURA, Anne PÄSSILÄ, Sue MOFFAT - Connecting Creativity and Sustainability via Human Body

Wendelin KÜPERS - Cultivating Sustainable Organizational Bodies by Embodied and Playful Learning as an 'Inter-Practice'

Maria NICOLI, Luiz OOSTERBEEK, Matteo FABBRI, Roberto MESCHINI, Emanuele BORASIO - Digitangibility

Sacha KAGAN - Village Triangles - Games to playfully learn about complex systems

Part III - Methods and space for creativity in change and sustainable development

Anu KAJAMAA, Silvia IVALDI, Laura GALUPPO, Giuseppe SCARATTI - Facilitating Creativity and Social Sustainability: A Mission Impossible for the Management of Fablabs?

Denise Shelley NEWNHAM - Activity Theory: Creative and Sustainable Organizational Approaches – Design –Development Implementation

Julia BREßLER, Petra FROß, Julien BUCHER - Creativity Techniques as Springboards for Collaborative Working Groups

Jonas W. TAREKEGNE, Klaus-Peter SCHULZ - Ideate Hard, Play Harder

Adam SEYMOUR - Team Learning in Makerspace: with Relevance to Robotic Surgery Simulation Training

Part IV - Sustainable community development

Carmella CUCUZZELLA - Public Spaces as Hnges between Climate Change Knowledge and Action

Sari SUOMALAINEN, Anne PÄSSILÄ, Allan OWENS, Clive HOLTHAM - Facilitating Sustainable Development through Artful Inquiries in Public Open Space Management

Sherif GOUBRAN, Gilbert Émond, Carmela CUCUZZELLA - Understanding Regional Sustainability in the Built Environment

Vusumuzi MAPHOSA - Sustainable Information Access in Rural Communities through Mobile Apps

Anna ZOLOTARJOVA, Nuno GUIMARAES da COSTA - Community Development and Expatriation

Part V - Corporate sustainability and creativity

Heike WÖRNER, Stefan HÜSIG - How and Why Art Projects and Methods Are Used in the Innovation Process?

Rainhart LANG, Thierry KEUSCHER - Towards a Sustainable HRM: Bridging Professional Capital and Sustainable Micro-Political Influence Tactics of German Human Resources Managers

Marie France CLERC-GIRARD, Carinne SONNTAG - Developing Social Entrepreneurship in a Free Competitive Market

Marius PISLARU, Ionut Viorel HERGHILIGIU, Ioan Bogdan ROBU - Development of a Fuzzy Logic based Tool for Corporate Sustainability Assessment


Klaus-Peter SCHULZ, Kamel MNISRI - Beyond Traditional Paths: Creativity as Resource to Deal with Sustainable Development Challenges

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