Science communication today — 2015

Science communication today — 2015

Current strategies and means of action

Édité par Bernard Schiele, Joëlle Le Marec, Patrick Baranger

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Pierre Mutzenhardt – Foreword


The Scientific Committee

Supporters of the Science & You Conference

Patrick Baranger, Joëlle Le Marec, Bernard Schiele – Introduction

Part 1: Opening remarks

Joëlle Le Marec – 1. Between professional construction and field-work deconstruction

Part 2: Keynote addresses

Brian Trench, Massimiano Bucchi – 2. Science communication research over 50 years: patterns and trends;
Alan Irwin – 3. Citizen science and scientific citizenship: same words, different meanings?
Elizabeth Rasekoala – 4. Science communication in a post-2015 world: the nexus of transnational, multidisciplinary and sociocultural contexts;
Cheng Donghong – 5. Developing a science museum system with Chinese characteristics: strategy, framework, mechanism and evaluation;
Marc Lipinski – 6. Citizens in the scientific process;
Pablo Kreimer – 7. Public understanding of science and social studies of science: convergence or parallel paths?
Sook-kyoung Cho – 8. Curating the future: the science museum for creativity and sustainability;
Pierre-Benoît Joly – 9. Science–society relations seen through the prism of technology promises;
Jean-Yves Le Déaut – 10. Thirty years of the OPECST: thirty years of investigating ahead of legislation;
Aziz Bensalah – 11. Science and society in Morocco: what role for public understanding of science?

Part 3: Closing remarks

Bernard Schiele, Joëlle Le Marec, Patrick Baranger – 12. Science communication and democracy

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