Book Practices & Textual Itineraries - 3 / 2013

Book Practices & Textual Itineraries - 3 / 2013

Contemporary Textual Aesthetics

Édité par Nathalie Collé, Monica Latham, David Ten Eyck

Ouvrage bilingue (français et anglais).

Contemporary Textual Aesthetics examines various contemporary authorial enterprises and editorial initiatives which invite us to carefully consider ways in which texts are being fashioned. Authors and editors give birth to original types of texts and books: innovative, unconventional or experimental novels, collaborative illustrated books, collective artist's books, hybrid or multimodal artefacts, and performative, multimedia book-objects. The essays in this volume explore a variety of texts as well as their frontiers and thresholds, and propose redefinitions of the book beyond the boundaries of the traditional codex format and its inherent material ink-and-paper limits and constraints. They offer a variety of examples of contemporary textual practices, and ground-breaking, thought-provoking book projects from many cultural perspectives and artistic backgrounds: France, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States of America.





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