Investigations : the Expanded Field of Writing in the Works of Robert Morris

Édité par Katia Schneller, Noura Wedell
Préface de Jean-Marie Gleize

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To the reader


Jean-Marie Gleize – Preface

Katia Schneller, Noura Wedell – Introduction

Robert Morris

I. Embedded Writing

Christophe Cherix – Morris('s) Prints;
Katia Schneller – Continuous Project Altered Daily (1969): The Machinery of Art;
Gilles Tiberghien – The Time of the Earthworks;
Rachel Stella – When Kitsch Becomes Form;
Denis Briand – "Like Laughter in a Ruin:" from Telegram to the Eighties;
Marie Cadalanu, Clémentine Gozlan, Julia Klarmann, Emöke Simon, Thomas Spok, Luiza Vasiliu, Critical Writing Studio, Center for Studies in Poetics – A Theater of History.

II. The Text/Image Problem Under Investigation

Brian Winkenweder – Picturing Texts: Robert Morris' "Beetle in a Box";
Anaël Lejeune – The Subject-Object Problem in "Aligned with Nazca": On Phenomenological Issues in Robert Morris' Artwork;
Jean-Michel Roy – Triangulating Morris' Intention? Davidson on Morris Quoting Davidson;

W.J.T. Mitchell – Robert Morris and the Spaces of Writing;
Miguel Ángle Hernández Navarro – Politics of Blindness: Robert Morris’ Antivision;
Ileana Parvu – A Parallel Unfurling: The Problem of Description in the Work of Robert Morris.

III. Displacing Genres

Cécile Mahiou – Robert Morris and Allan Kaprow: Experience, from Theory to Performance Art;
Noura Wedell – Writing through Space: the Literal Practices of Robert Morris and Vito Acconci;
Valérie Mavridorakis – Role Play in the Writings of Robert Morris;
Isabelle Alfandary – Addressing Oneself: On TELEGRAM by Robert Morris.

IV. Exchanges: Text to Screen and Back Again

Teri Wehn Damisch – From Text to Screen;

Rosalind Krauss, Teri Wehn Damisch – Script of the film Robert Morris: The Mind-Body Problem.



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