Guidelines for Translation from French into English

Guidelines for Translation from French into English

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Part 1
Basic Information

How to write the date

The title

The source

Capital letters


Part 2
The Structure of the Sentence

Word order

Word order - adjectives

Le groupe nominal - le taux de croissance

La nominalisation en français

Part 3

Geography and foreign words




French vocabulary which is difficult to translate

Fort et important – translating in context

Part 4
Common Problems with Verbs

Common problems with verb tenses

Verbs used with direct and indirect speech (les verbes déclaratifs)

How to translate souhaiter

How to translate comparer and consister

Part 5
Common Problems with Prepositions

Prepositions - general guidelines

How to translate de

How to translate jusqu'à

How to translate avant and devant

Part 6
Other Problems

Where do you use 'the'?

Possessive nouns and 'the': a special case

How to use apostrophe s

How to translate celui de and celui qui

How to translate dont

How to translate on

How to translate si

Negative or positive

Singular or plural





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