Book Practices & Textual Itineraries - 8

Book Practices & Textual Itineraries - 8

A. S. Byatt, Before and After 'Possession': Recent Critical Approaches

Édité par Nathalie Collé, Monica Latham
Autre Armelle Parey, Isabelle Roblin

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Armelle Parey, Isabelle Roblin – Introduction

Isabelle Roblin – The Mise-en-Abyme of the Creative Process in A. S. Byatt's The Game

Alexa Alfer - Time Will Tell: Time and Narrative in A. S. Byatt's The Virgin in the Garden

Carmen Lara-Rallo – 'Cell by Cell, Gene by Gene': The Dialogue with Science in the Quartet

Christian Gutleben – '[A] Black, Thick, Tenacious Victorian Dust': Possession as the Archetype and Prototype of Neo-Victorianism

Émilie Walezak – Repeating Patterns in A. S. Byatt's Possession: The Example of Live Stones

Armelle Parey – Self-conscious Poetic Justice in A. S. Byatt's Possession: A Romance

Alexandra Cheira – 'They Say that Women Change: 'Tis so: But You/ Are Ever-Constant in your Changefulness': (A)chromatic Representation of Female Identity in A. S. Byatt's Possession, 'Morpho Eugenia’ and 'Cold’

Helen E. Mundler – 'Your Stories are Strange, Glancing Things. They Peter out, They Have no Shape’: The Puzzle of A. S. Byatt’s 'Baglady’

Barbara Franchi – Dangerous Mothers and their Children: Writing and Other Secrets in Possession and The Children’s Book

Catherine Mari – Weaving ‘The Seen and the Unseen’: The Aesthetic Realism of The Children’s Book

Tomás Monterrey – A. S. Byatt’s Neo-Baroque in Ragnarok

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