New Perspectives on Shakespeare's <I>As You Like It</I>

New Perspectives on Shakespeare's As You Like It

Coordination éditoriale de Sophie Chiari, Sophie Lemercier-Goddard, Michèle Vignaux

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Michèle Vignaux (Lumière Lyon 2 University) – General Introduction

Part I: Nature is your only philosopher

Sophie Chiari (Clermont Auvergne University) – 1. "'Winter and rough weather': Arden's Climate in As You Like It";
Jean-Louis Claret (Aix Marseille University) – 2. "'These trees shall be my book': Reading Trees in As You Like It";
Ladan Niayesh (University of Paris Diderot-Paris 7) – 3. "From Elders to Medlars in the Forest of Arden".

Part II: Becoming truly human

Sélima Lejri (University of Humanities and Social Science and École Normale Supérieure, Tunis) – 4. "'Tradition takes not away my blood': Primoge/nature in Shakespeare's As You Like It";
Anne-Valérie Dulac (Paris 13 University) – 5. "Butchers and Wrestlers in As You Like It";
Kathleen French (University of Sydney) – 6. "Augustinian Pessimism and Aristotelian Optimism in As You Like It";
Sophie Lemercier-Goddard (École Normale Supérieure, Lyon) – 7. "'[B]etter strangers': The Politics of Translation in As You Like It".

Part III: The experimental dimension of As You Like It

Shawna Guenther (Dalhousie University) – 8. "Who Am I, How am I, and What Am I? Unresolved Gender and Sexual Identification in William Shakespeare's As You Like It";
William West (Northwestern University) – 9. "Essays on Virtue: As You Like It as Shakespeare's Essays";
Roy Eriksen (Agder University) – 10. “'Discord in the Spheres': Revising Marlowe in As You Like It”;
Richard Wilson (Kingston University) – 11. “At One Together: As You Like It and the Politics of The United Kingdom”.

Part IV: As You Like It from stage to page

Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise (University of Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle) – 12. “'No temple but the wood[en]’: Stagecraft and the Staging of Materiality in Shakespeare’s As You Like It”;
Chantal Schu¨tz (École Polytechnique) – 13. “How Did they Like It? The Challenges of Recreating the Elizabethan Staging Conditions of As You Like It”;
Michael Hattaway (New York University in London) – 14. “The Truest Scholarship is the Most Faining: The Genesis and Afterlife of an Edition”.

François Laroque (University of Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle) – Epilogue “As You Like It Revisited”

Pierre Iselin (University of Paris-Sorbonne) – “Shakespeare As You Like It”.

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