Learning's W.W.W

Learning's W.W.W

Web Based Learning, Wireless Based Learning, Web Mining

Édité par Khaldoun Zreik

The Information Society is looming and new technology is shifting educational, learning and training paradigms. Virtual Universities, Cyber-Classrooms, Web Based Learning, WAP Based Learning, etc. may be cryptic catch phrases now but will be the norm within a decade. Web Based Learning is one of the new practices of teaching and learning enabled by the Internet and WWW. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Based Learning is one of the future practice of training and information retrieval enabled by the Mobil Phone Technology and the Internet. Obviously this kind of practices are more suited to users who want to evolve and enhance their competence in a domain than for traditional student-users. The emerging e-business, e-commerce and digital transactions on the Web sites become the main data sets resources for business marketing strategies. By using Web Mining (such like Data and Text Mining tools), companies can both analyse and predict the behaviour of their customers or "surfer". CAPS'3 aims to review, debate and to predict the power and the potentiality of the online digital information.

Khaldoun Zreik, 2000

Titre Learning's W.W.W
Sous-titre Web Based Learning, Wireless Based Learning, Web Mining
Édité par Khaldoun Zreik
Collection Cognition
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Date de publication 01 décembre 2000
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