Sociology of Migration and Post-Western Theory

Sociology of Migration and Post-Western Theory

Édité par Laurence Roulleau Berger, Liu Yuzhao

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Laurence Roulleau-Berger – Introduction

PART 1: Post-Western Theory and Sociology of Migration
By Laurence Roulleau-Berger And Liu Yuzhao

– What Is Post-Western Sociology?
– Sociology of Migration and New Trends
– Doing Fieldwork Together

PART 2: The Fabric of Post-Western Theory and Migration

Migration and Education

The Tortuous Road of Education: Li's Life Story
A Broken School Trajectory: Nourredine's Life Story

Ingrid Tucci – Pathways in School and Biographical Turning Points: The Role of Stigma and Discrimination
Ingrid Tucci – School Pathways of Young Rural Migrants in China: The Nexus Between Social Context and Aspirations
Li Yong – School and Reproduction of Migrant Workers in a Chinese Megalopolis: Regarding the Interview with Li
Xiong Yihan – Academic Vulnerability: Why Are Youngsters from the Bottom of the Social Strata More Likely to Fail in School?
Su Liang – Another Possibility for Furthering the Education of Migrant Children: The Adult Education System: About the Chinese Case of Li
Su Liang – Low Standards of Education, Stigmatized Community, and Inequality in Daily Communication: Comments on the Case of Nourredine (Vénissieux)

Migration, Gender, and Family

Between Family and Work: Chen's Life Story
Saïd's Family Story and Social Trajectory

Abdelhafid Hammouche – The Permanent Migration in China
Abdelhafid Hammouche – A Map of Otherness in France
Beatrice Zani – Un-Breaking Familiar and Affectional Bonds
Ji Yingchun – A Migrant Girl Coming of Age: A Zigzag Journey of Life
Chen Chen – A Second-Generation Migrant Worker in China: Geographical Mobility and Social Immobility
Chen Chen – The Mobility and Integration of a French Citizen Born to Immigrant Parents

Migrants Between Urban Integration and Segregation

Settling in the City: Niu's Urban Story
Between Captivity and Mobility: Bahia

Ahmed Boubeker – Mobility and Migration in the Global City: About the Interview with Niu and a Few Echoes on French Grounds
Ahmed Boubeker – Cross and Across the City: About the Interview with Bahia
Michel Kokoreff – Between "Rats" and "Lolitas": The Story of Bahia
Zhao Yeqin – Floating Between Cities and Rural Areas: The Second-Generation Immigrants
Zhao Yeqin – Narrative Tension of City, Mobility, and Immigrants
Wang Chunguang – "Mutual Molding between Structure and Individual": The Story of a Grain of Dust and a Seed

Migration and Work

Successfully Becoming a Member of the New Middle Class: Qi
Segregation and Subalternity: Adji's Life Story

Laurence Roulleau-Berger – Compressed Modernity and Being "a Hero" in Chinese Cities
Laurence Roulleau-Berger – Descendants of Immigrants, Subalternity and Work
in French Cities
Grégory Giraudo-Baujeu – Hukou, Discriminations, and Mobilities: Qi's Interview
Grégory Giraudo-Baujeu – A Double Ordeal of Precariousness and Racism: A Look at Adji’s Interview
Sun Zhongwei – Employment and Urbanization of New Immigrants
Li Zhen – Education and Upward Socioeconomic Mobility of Children of Migrants in the Chinese Urban Labor Market: Institutional Barriers, Social Support, and Personal Efforts
Li Zhen – Blocked Upward Socioeconomic Mobility: Family Background, Social Support, and Education in a Segmented Labor Market

Migration and Governance

The Dream of SF: Liu
Ms Martin, a Social Worker’s Story

Marie Bellot – Social Organizations, State, and Cooperation: The Case of the Education of Migrant Children in Shanghai
Aude-Claire Fourot – The Local Governance of Services for (Im) Migrant Children and Youth: Mitigating the Lack of Mobility and Navigating Internal Borders
Yan Jun – Those Invisible Flowers: A Review of the Case of a Shanghai Educational NGO for Migrant Children
Yan Jun – Immigration and "Governance": Comments on the Interview with Ms Martin
Liu Yuzhao – How Social Organizations Participate in Education of Migrant Children
Liu Yuzhao – The Boundary Between Immigrants and State Governance

PART 3: Post-Western Sociology: Common and Local Knowledge Between Europe and China

Liu Shiding – Rethinking the Social Dynamics of Migration in China
Liu Neng – On the Social Ecology of the Great Chinese Rural-to-Urban Migration
Laurence Roulleau-Berger – Post-Western Theory: Common and Located Knowledge Between European and Chinese Sociologies

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