The human face of radiocarbon

The human face of radiocarbon

Reassessing chronology in prehistoric Greece and Bulgaria, 5000-3000 cal BC

Édité par Zoï Tsirtsoni

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Preface (Zoï Tsirtsoni)

Chapter 1. The chronological framework in Greece and Bulgaria between the late 6th and the  early 3rd millennium BC, and the "Balkans 4000" project (Zoï Tsirtsoni)

Chapter 2. "Balkans 4000": the radiocarbon dates from archaeological contexts (Yannis Maniatis,  Christine Oberlin and Zoï Tsirtsoni)

Northeast Bulgaria

Chapter 3. The prehistoric cemetery at Smyadovo, Shumen district (Stefan Chohadzhiev)

Chapter 4. Settlement mound near the village of Kosharna (Dimitar Chernakov)

Northwest Bulgaria

Chapter 5. An early fourth millennium settlement near the village of Bezhanovo, Lovech Region  (Maya Valentinova)

Chapter 6. The prehistoric settlement in the Ezeroto locality near the village of Borovan, Northwestern Bulgaria (Georgi Ganetsovski)

Bulgarian Thrace

Chapter 7. Tell Karanovo: the hiatus between the Late Copper and the Early Bronze Age  (Vassil Nikolov and Viktoria Petrova)

Chapter 8. Archaeological excavations at Tell Karnobat (Yavor Boyadzhiev and Kamen Boyadzhiev)

Chapter 9. Radiocarbon dates from Tell Yunatsite (Yavor Boyadzhiev and Ioannis Aslanis)


Chapter 10. The Final Chalcolithic site in the "Gradishteto" locality near the village of Dolno Dryanovo,  Southwest Bulgaria (Nadezhda Todorova)

Chapter 11. Late Chalcolithic Tatul (Krassimir Leshtakov, Nadezhda Todorova and  Vanya Petrova)

Chapter 12. The Late Chalcolithic site of Orlitsa (Yavor Boyadzhiev and Kamen Boyadzhiev)

Chapter 13. Investigations at the Chalcolithic settlement at Varhari (Yavor Boyadzhiev and  Kamen Boyadzhiev)

Chapter 14. The Yagodina Cave and the final stages of the Chalcolithic in the Western Rhodope  Mountains (Nadezhda Todorova and Maya Avramova)

Greek Eastern Macedonia

Chapter 15. The Late Neolithic II (Chalcolithic)-Early Bronze Age transition at the tell of  Dikili Tash (Zoï Tsirtsoni)

Chapter 16. Kryoneri, Nea Kerdyllia: a settlement of the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age  on the lower Strymon valley, Eastern Macedonia (Dimitria Malamidou)

Chapter 17. The "Katarraktes" Cave at Sidirokastro, Serres District (Anastasios Siros and  Miltiadis Miteletsis)

Chapter 18. The island of Thasos from the Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age. Excavation data  and absolute dates (Chaïdo Koukouli-Chrysanthaki and Stratis Papadopoulos)


Chapter 19. Palioskala. A Late Neolithic, Final Neolithic and Early Bronze Age settlement in  the Eastern Thessalian plain, Central Greece (Giorgos Toufexis)

Chapter 20. Prodromos Karditsas, Magoula Agios Ioannis. A prehistoric settlement in the Western  Thessalian plain (Christos Karagiannopoulos)

Chapter 21. The settlement at the Mikrothives interchange and the transition from the Chalcolithic  to the Early Bronze Age (Vassiliki Adrymi-Sismani)

Southern Greece

Chapter 22. The Later Neolithic Stages in Central-Southern Greece based on the evidence from  the excavations at the Agia Triada Cave, Southern Euboea (Fanis Mavridis, Žarko Tankosic)

Chapter 23. The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age settlement in Merenta, Attica, in its regional context  (Olga Kakavogianni, Elena Tselepi, Kleio Dimitriou, Christina Katsavou and Kerasia Douni)

Chapter 24. Concluding remarks (Zoï Tsirtsoni)