Shakespeare on screen

Shakespeare on screen

The Henriad

Édité par Sarah Hatchuel, Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin

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Notes on the Contributors

Sarah HATCHUEL and Nathalie VIENNE-GUERRIN — Preface

Charles R. FORKER — Richard II on the Screen

Michael HATTAWAY — Politics and Mise-en-Scène in Television Versions of King Richard II

Lois POTTER — The Royal Throne of Kings and the American Armchair: Deconstructing the Hallmark Richard II

Anthony DAVIES — Falstaff's Shadow

Nathalie VIENNE-GUERRIN — Flyting on Screen: Insults in Film Versions of Henry IV

David MARGOLIES — Henry V and Ideology

Warren CHERNAIK — The Death of Bardolph: Branagh and Olivier rewrite Henry V

James HIRSH — Shakespeare's Stage Chorus and Olivier’s Film Chorus

Sarah HATCHUEL — The Battle of Agincourt in Shakespeare’s, Laurence Olivier’s, Kenneth Branagh’s and Peter Babakitis’s Henry V

Ramona RAY — Hegemonic Masculinity, the Roman Epic and Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V

Mariangela TEMPERA — "Only about Kings": References to the Second Tetralogy on Film and Television

José Ramón DÍAZ FERNÁNDEZ — The Henriad on Screen: An Annotated Filmo-Bibliography






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