'Work, work your thoughts':  Henry V Revisited

"Work, work your thoughts": Henry V Revisited

Coordination éditoriale de Sophie Chiari, Sophie Lemercier-Goddard

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!": Harry of England's rallying cry has never ceased to resonate with forceful energy to the ears of spectators far beyond the backdrop of the Anglo-French Hundred Years' War. The climax of Shakespeare's two tetralogies, which also coincided with the opening of the newly-built Globe theatre in the summer of 1599, Henry V has galvanized its audiences with its vibrant chorus and its battle scenes alike, while also exploring the heroic self-fashioning of a Christian king who may or may not be the noble soul that he aspires to be.

Henry V has often been regarded as a patriotic work. Yet for all its emphasis on camaraderie, honour, power and “vasty” ambition, Shakespeare's history play resounds with the heart-rending echoes of personal loss and political division. Its compelling rhetoric, its ambivalent treatment of warfare, and its blend of humour and violence together with the complex socio-political issues at work, account for its global popularity in a post-Brexit world, on “unworthy scaffold[s]” as much as on the Hollywood screen.

Following the recent inclusion of Henry V in the Agrégation syllabus in France (2021-2022), this volume seeks to provide new perspectives on the play and to question a variety of issues relating to politics, cultural representations, gender, class, aesthetics, materiality, and adaptation. Its four parts highlight the richness of the play and reflect recent critical trends in early modern drama studies.

Titre "Work, work your thoughts": Henry V Revisited
Édition Première édition
Coordination éditoriale de Sophie Chiari, Sophie Lemercier-Goddard
Langue anglais
Éditeur Presses universitaires Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand
Marque d'éditeur Presses universitaires Blaise Pascal
BISAC Classifications thématiques LIT000000 LITERARY CRITICISM
LIT015000 LITERARY CRITICISM / Shakespeare
LIT004120 LITERARY CRITICISM / European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
BIC Classifications thématiques D Literature & literary studies
DD Plays, playscripts
DSG Literary studies: plays & playwrights
DDS Shakespeare plays
DSGS Shakespeare studies & criticism
Dewey (abrégé) 800-899 Literature
820 English & Old English literatures
800 Literature rhetoric & criticism
822 English drama
809 Literary history & criticism
Public visé 05 Enseignement supérieur
06 Professionnel et académique
(06) Career and Technical Education
3622 Théatre
3146 Lettres et Sciences du langage
3632 Drame
4053 Théorie Littéraire
Date de première publication du titre 09 septembre 2021
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Nb de pages 296 p. Bibliographie . Notes .
Type d'édition Annotée
ISBN-10 2383770000
ISBN-13 9782383770008
Référence 125358-37
Date de publication 09 septembre 2021
Publication Clermont-Ferrand, France
Nombre de pages de contenu principal 296
1 bibliography
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Date de publication 09 septembre 2021
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