Small and Medium Towns' Attractiveness

Small and Medium Towns' Attractiveness

At the beginning of the 21st Century
Jean-Charles Edouard, A. Kwiatek-Soltys, Hélène Mainet, K. Wiedermann

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Kwiatek-Soltys A., Mainet H., Wiedermann K. Edouard J-C. – Introduction

Chapter 1 – Attractiveness definitions and issues

Mainet H, Edouard J.-C. – Indicators of attractiveness of small towns: Issues of définition and criteria, based on French cases;

Demazie`re C., Banovac K., Hamdouch A. – The Changing Profiles of Small and Medium-Sized Towns in the European Context: Between Residential Economy, Competitiveness and Innovation;

Kwiatek-Sołtys A., Wiedermann K. – Development factors and functional structures of border towns;

Areal T. – "Places of writing" and attractiveness. Study of medieval acts from Auvergne, between Dore and Allier rivers.

Chapter 2 – Issues of quality of life and residential attractiveness: demographic changes

Murzyn-Kupisz M. – Endogenous factors in turning heritage into an asset in local development. Recent experiences of small towns in Poland;

Cîrnu L. – Residential changes in the Bucharest metropolitan area between 1990 and 2000. Small and medium sized towns as an alternative to the metropolis;

Runge A. – Medium sized towns in the structure of socio-economic relations in the conurbation of Katowice;

Konecka-Szydłowska B. – Socio-economic situation of small towns of the Poznań agglomeration;

Filimon L., Nemeş V., Petrea R., Filimon C. – What place for the urban identity in the sustainable territorial development of Ţara Beiuşului (Beiuș Land, Romania)?

Szymańska W. – Housing attractiveness of the medium-sized cities in Pomerania in light of the decentralization theory.

Chapter 3 – Functional changes: innovation and competitiveness

Kacprzak E., Maćkiewicz B. – Supporting the development of a network of markets in small and medium-sized cities in Poland using the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 (programme "My Market");

Chaze M. – Commercial Relationships between Small Towns and their Rural and Regional Territories. A Case study of East-Central France;

Vaishar A. , Šťastná M. , Vavrouchová H. , Stonawská K., Zapletalová J. – Small towns in the South-Moravian region;

Ricard D., Epure G. – The attractiveness of secondary cities in Central Europe. Some elements of comparison between Romania and Slovakia. The case of Braila Area and the Upper Váh River Valley;

Dorocki S., Jastrzębski J.P., Boguś M.– Biotechnology as an example of high technology development in small and medium towns.

Chapter 4 – the place of SMT in mobility and flows systems

Sitek S, Zuzanska-Zysko E. – Small towns in metropolitan Silesia region in the context of commuting to word;

Kihonge E. – Secondary towns and rural interactions in Eastern Africa: SMEs in small towns and rural economic growth;

Racaud S. – Markets and urbanization in East African mountains: the role of flows in the organization of urban and spatial system (Uporoto Mountains, Tanzania);

Bordagi J. – Labour circulations and small town growth in India. Comparison between Valavanur and Sholinganallur.

Edouard J.-C. and Mainet H.– Conclusion: What Models for Small and Medium-Sized Towns? Stakes in Management and Planning.







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