Imaginaires, n° 18/2014

Imaginaires, n° 18/2014

Literary Texts: The Power and the Possible

Directeur éditorial Daniel Thomières
Avec Xavier Giudicelli

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Daniel Thomières, "Never for Granted: Literary Texts and the Power of Words";

Roger D. Sell, "The Ethics of Literary Communication";

Osmond Chein-ming Chang, "Life in Death: Coleridge's Idiosyncrasy of Incompleteness and Language as a Living Power in Christabel";

William Bain, "'Wordless voices': Undernarrative and fictionalizing power in Virginia Woolf's 'Kew Gardens'";

Michel Delville, “Gertrude Stein's Unpublished Film Scripts”;

Christine Chollier, “Biographies in/or Fiction? Discussing Dos Passos’s The Big Money”;

Catherine Chauche, “Between the Possible and the Power: the Emergence of the Pathic Moment in Malcom Lowry’s Novella 'Elephant and Colosseum’”;

Morgane Bird, “The Spoken and the Unspoken in Margaret Atwood’s The Robber Bride”;

Daniel Thomières, “The Words that Enslave and the Words that Liberate in Toni Morrison’s Beloved”;

Paul Munn, “Puissance, Jouissance, and Communication: Mediating John Ashbery’s 'The Salve Merchant’ in the Context of His Planisphere”;

Eve Cobain, “’After punishment was done with me’: Writing and Revolt in Sharon Olds’ Blood, Tin, Straw”;

Simona Hevesiova, “Postcolonial inventiveness: Indian sensibility in Raja Rao’s Kanthapura”;

Astrid Lac, “The Other’s Style: Text and Power in Early Twentieth-Century Japanese Literature";

Brendon Wocke, "The Poetic Seduction of Derrida’s ‘Envois’: Jouissance & Potentia”.