Archiving and Questioning Immateriality

Archiving and Questioning Immateriality

Proceedings of the 5th Computer Art Congress [CAC.5]

Coordination éditoriale de Pierre Chatel-Innocenti, Everardo Reyes-Garcia, Khaldoun Zreik

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Papers Sessions

Alessio Chierico – Art and materiality in post-media practice: toward an ontology of digital and its devices;
Daniela de Paulis – OPTICKS, space travel and visual moonbounce;
Gabriel Pareyon – Patterns of materiality/immateriality: dialectics in epistemology under the new scientific paradigm;
Maciej Ozóg – Your Boy is You: new media art as a critical analysis of biometric surveillance;
Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau – A personal media art archive based on the symbol of the fly;
Maria Giulia Dondero – Using images to analyze images. Semiotics meets Cultural Analytics;
Sandra Álvaro Sánchez – Art and data: the aesthetic emergence of knowledge;
Pilar Rosado, Eva Figueras, Ferran Reverter – Letting images speak for themselves;
Jung E. Choi – Materializing depth in Gravicells: the potential of twenty-first-century media;
Annet Dekker – What we talk about when we talk about online cultures;
Conor McGarrigle – Preserving born digital art : lessons from artists' practice;
Andrea Sosa – At angle C: instability poetics. Participation aesthetics through the work of Julio. Le Parc and the Groupe de Recherche d'Art Visuel (GRAV);
Andrés Burbano, Esteban García Bravo – Konrad Zuse: enabler of computational arts?
Reynaldo Thompson, Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay, Frank Dufour – The Latin American digital heritage: methods of digital art archive construction and the retrieval of immateriality;
Alexandre Michaan, Nina van Doren – Archiving, emulating and documenting the collection of CD-ROM artworks of LIMA, Amsterdam;
Luz María Sánchez – Vis. [Un]necessary force;
Melanie Hundley, Teri Holbrook – Composing the future;
Ricardo Dal Farra – Memory's death… or the desire of immortality;
Shelley Hornstein – Beyond place: monuments and museums after the intangible turn;
Gemma Argüello Manresa – Imagining spatially in Computer-Based Art;
Gerry Kisil, Alan Dunning – Mirages de Ville;
Thomas Storey – Quick and easy recipes for disaster;
Franck Soudan, Marc Veyrat – FFF;
Maria Luiza (Malu) Fragoso – We Bees: an immersive telematic object from project S.H.A.S.T.;
Luba Diduch – The expanding artwork;
A. Bill Miller, Jeremy Behreandt – Movement Systems from Motion Capture Data;
Kevin S Badni – Effects of immediacy on the perception of interactive art;
Federico Garrido – Central floorplans and digital strategies;
Andrea Sosa – Projected illusions: space, light, and coordinates.

Art Exhibition

Alan Dunning – Mirages de Ville – First Words Last Acts;
Chiara Passa – Dimensioning n.1 – from live architectures a VR experience thru google cardboard, 2016;
Conor McGarrigle – 24 Hour Social;
Daniel Buzzo – What do we know of time when all we can know for real is now?
Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda – Transferring female reproductive labor and ephemeral and domestic forms of writing into the Archive: Remediating Mamá Pina's Cookbook;
Naoyuki Tanaka – MonkeyTURN;
Mez Breeze – "T[he]Issue": a geospatial and mixed-locative colonisation document;
Paul Magee – Metropolis;
Paul Magee – Signal;
Ricardo Dal Farra – Organic;
Shu Lea Cheang – Composting the net (2012).





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