European Studies in Sports History, vol. 12

European Studies in Sports History, vol. 12

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Antonios K. Travlos, Athanasios Anastasiou, Maria Velissari, Konstantinos Georgiadis, Physical activities and games of the Spartan girls: the case of Kyniska

Aikaterini N. SAMARA, Evangelos P. Albanidis, Ioannis K. Xydopoulos, Approaching sport, power and identity in Alexandria and Egypt (3rd century B.C.)

Nikolaos Kameas, Evangelos Albanidis, Athanadios Anastasiou, Athletic activities and intellectual education in the context of the institution of the Gymnasium in Priene, Asia Minor, during the 1st century B.C.   

Erica Munkwitz, Riding Habits: Equestrianism, Fox-Hunting, and Female Sporting Emancipation

Conor Heffernan, English Swingers: Indian clubs and masculine performance in Victorian England

Evangelia Vouzanidou, Evangelos Albanidis, The Philekpedeftiki Etaireia and the Physical Education of Girls in Greece from the mid 19th to the early 20th century

Franco D. Reyna, El proceso de internacionalización del fútbol a partir de los contactos e intercambios transcontinentales. Los equipos argentinos y el FC Barcelona en 1928

Iker Ibarrondo Merino, Basque sportspeople under the shelling of the Condor Legion Batallón Cultura y Deporte during the Spanish Civil War

Matteo Monaco, La rinascita del Comitato olimpico nazionale italiano (1943-1947)

John S. Hellström & Leif Yttergren, Manliness and modernity: the media construction of boxer Ingemar Johansson as a national sport hero


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