Bulag n°34/ 2010

Bulag n°34/ 2010

Natural Language Processing and Human Language Technology

Édité par Sylviane Cardey, Peter Greenfield, Gabriel Sekunda

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Alicia Burga Diaz – « A Syntax-Based Approach for Word Sense Disambiguation: the Case of Hacer in a Spanish Dependency Treebank » ;

Tessa Cornally – « Achieving a Better Machine Translation via a Controlled Language for the Oenology Domain » ;

Ekaterina Ershova – « Syntactic Problems in French-Russian Machine Translation: de-Syntagms in Periodical Translation » ;

Binyam Gebrekidan Gebre – « Part of Speech Tagging for Amharic » ;

Sinh Le Thi – « Translatability in English-Vietnamese Noun Phrase Translation and Genericity Disambiguation for the English Noun Phrase » ;

Fang Li – « Computer Aided Generation of Collocation Exercises » ;

Thao Phan Thi Thanh – « Proper Name Errors in Online Translation Texts from English into Vietnamese: an Abnalysis and a Proposed Solution » ;

Ashequl Qadir – « Term Frequency for Extraction of Explicit and Implicit Features from Subjective Sentences of Customer Reviews » ;

Luz Rello – « From Zero to Hero: the Importance of Marking Ellipsis and Guidelines for its Annotation in Spanish » ;

Ibrahim Soumana – « A Natural Language Interface for SPARQL by means of Hierarchical Categorisation » ;

Marcos Zampieri – « A Supervised Machine Learning Method for Word Sense Disambiguation of Portuguese Nouns ».





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