The Iranian Plateau during the Bronze Age

The Iranian Plateau during the Bronze Age

Development of urbanisation, production and trade

Édité par Michèle Casanova, Marjan Mashkour, Jan-Waalke Meyer, Régis Vallet, Emmanuelle Vila

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Emmanuelle Vila, Marjan Mashkour, Régis Vallet, Michèle Casanova,
Jan-Waalke Meyer


The global context of the Bronze Age on the Iranian Plateau

Jan-Waalke Meyer
Early urbanisation in Iran. A view from the west – some considerations about the theory of urbanisation 


Expansion of the Kura-Araxes culture in Iran

Giulio Palumbi
The expansion of the Kura-Araxes culture in Iran: what role for the Uruk? 

Sepideh Maziar
Iran and the Kura-Araxes cultural tradition, so near and yet so far 

Alexia Decaix, Fatemeh Azadeh Mohaseb, Sepideh Maziar, Marjan Mashkour, Margareta Tengberg
Subsistence economy in Kohneh Pasgah Tepesi (eastern Azerbaijan, Iran) during the Late Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze Age based on the faunal and botanical remains 

Alexia Decaix, Rémi Berthon, Fatemeh Azadeh Mohaseb, Margareta Tengberg
Toward a definition of the Kura-Araxes agropastoral systems 


Elamite Kingdom

Alain Le Brun
Susa at the turn of the 4th and 3rd millennia 

Ali Zalaghi
An overview of the settlement patterns of Susa III period in the Upper Khuzestan. Archaeological survey in the western bank of the Karkheh river 

Alireza Sardari, Samira Attarpour
From the Proto-Elamite to Shimashki: the third millennium BC at Tappeh Senjar, the Susiana Plain 

Elnaz Rashidian
In search of cities in Elam. For a geoarchaeological approach to the toponym-hydronym interaction 


Urbanisation in eastern Iran

Julie Bessenay-Prolonge, Régis Vallet
Tureng Tepe and its high terrace, a reassessment 

Ali A. Vahdati, Raffaele Biscione, Riccardo La Farina, Marjan Mashkour, Margareta Tengberg, Homa Fathi, Fatemeh Azadeh Mohaseb
Preliminary report on the first season of excavations at Tepe Chalow. New GKC (BMAC) finds in the plain of Jajarm, NE Iran 

Nasir Eskandari
Regional patterns of Early Bronze Age urbanization in the southeastern Iran. New discoveries on the western fringe of Dasht-e Lut 

David M.P. Meier
A pyrotechnological installation from the "metallurgical workshop" at Shahdad and its next geographical and chronological comparisons 


Production and trade

Mina Dabbagh
The contribution of women to trade and production in Elam society 

Henri-Paul Francfort
Iran and Central Asia. The Grand'Route of Khorasan (Great Khorasan Road) during the third millennium BC and the "dark stone" artefacts 

Holly Pittman
Bronze Age interaction on the Iranian Plateau. From Kerman to the Oxus through seals 

Sedigheh Piran
Prestige objects in South East of Iran during the Bronze Age in the National Museum of Iran 

Michèle Casanova
Exchanges and trade during the Bronze Age in Iran 

Babak Rafiei-Alavi
The biography of a dagger type. The diachronic transformation of the daggers with the crescent-shaped guard 


The transition to Iron Age

Hamid Fahimi
The Bronze Age and the Iron Age on the Central Iranian Plateau. Two successive cultures or the appearance of a new culture? 



Jan-Waalke Meyer, Emmanuelle Vila, Régis Vallet, Marjan Mashkour
The urbanisation of the Iranian Plateau and adjacent areas during the Bronze Age. Concluding thoughts






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