Multidisciplinary approaches to food and foodways in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean

Multidisciplinary approaches to food and foodways in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean

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Sylvie Yona Waksman


Sally Grainger
Recipe: Pickle de légumes with oinogaron 

Sylvie Yona Waksman
Introduction. The POMEDOR project "People, pottery and food in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean" 

Andrew Dalby
The making of the Byzantine dinner, by a participant observer 

Cyprus and the Levant

Sally Grainger
Recipe: Bouillon léger de poissons et fruits de mer (monokythron

Philippe Trélat
Du lac de Limassol aux tables de Nicosie?: pêcheries et consommation de poisson à Chypre sous la domination latine (1191-1570) 

Gilles Grivaud
Les tavernes (canutes) comme instruments de contrôle économique et social dans le royaume de Chypre aux XIIIe-XVIe siècles 

Nicholas Coureas
Food, wine and the Latin clergy of Lusignan Cyprus (1191-1473) 

Ruth Smadar Gabrieli, Sylvie Yona Waksman, Anastasia Shapiro, Alessandra Pecci
Archaeological and archaeometric investigations of cooking wares in Frankish and Venetian Cyprus 

Edna J. Stern, Sylvie Yona Waksman, Anastasia Shapiro
The impact of the Crusades on ceramic production and use in the southern Levant: Continuity or change? 

Elisabeth Yehuda
Between oven and Tannur: "Frankish" and "indigenous" kitchens in the Holy Land in the Crusader period 

Anastasia Shapiro, Edna J. Stern, Nimrod Getzov, Sylvie Yona Waksman
Ceramic evidence for sugar production in the 'Akko plain: Typology and provenance studies 

Richard Jones, Anthony Grey
Some thoughts on sugar production and sugar pots in the Fatimid, Crusader/Ayyubid and Early Mamluk periods in Jordan 

Byzantium and beyond

Sally Grainger
Recipe: Quail pie & Mixed pulses 

Ilias Anagnostakis
"What is plate and cooking pot and food and bread and table all at the same time?" 

Béatrice Caseau
Dogs, vultures, horses and black pudding: Unclean meats in the eyes of the Byzantines 

Nikos D. Kontogiannis, Stefania S. Skartsis, with contributions by Giannis Vaxevanis, Sylvie Yona Waksman
Ceramic vessels and food consumption: Chalcis as a major production and distribution center in the Byzantine and Frankish periods 

Elli Tzavella
Corinth: beyond the forum. Use of ceramics, social implications and settlement pattern (12th-13th centuries) 

Joanita Vroom
Eating in Aegean lands (ca 700-1500): Perspectives on pottery 

Iryna Teslenko
The composition of church festive meals in a medieval Christian community in the southern Crimea, based on ceramics and faunal materials 

Zeynep Mercangöz
A pottery production for whom and for what target? Thoughts on pottery finds from Kadikalesi (Kusadasi) excavation 

Michel Balard
L'approvisionnement des villes d'Orient par les marchands italiens (XIIIe-XVe siècle) 

Vedat Onar
Animals in food consumption during the Byzantine period in light of the Yenikapi metro and Marmaray excavations, Istanbul 

Anna Elena Reuter
Food production and consumption in the Byzantine Empire in light of the archaeobotanical finds 

Chryssa Bourbou
The biocultural model applied: Synthesizing research on Greek Byzantine diet (7th-15th century AD) 

Jacques Burlot, Sylvie Yona Waksman, Beate Böhlendorf-Arslan, Joanita Vroom
Changing people, dining habits and pottery technologies: Tableware productions on the eve of the Ottoman Empire in western Anatolia 

Filiz Yenisehirlioglu
Ottoman period sources for the study of food and pottery (15th-18th centuries) 

Trading goods, trading tastes

Sally Grainger
Recipe: Omelette soufflée & Sweet salad 

Evelina Todorova
One amphora, different contents: The multiple purposes of Byzantine amphorae according to written and archaeological data 

Alessandra Pecci, Nicolas Garnier, Sylvie Yona Waksman
Residue analysis of medieval amphorae from the Eastern Mediterranean 

Yana Morozova, Sylvie Yona Waksman, Sergey Zelenko
Byzantine amphorae of the 10th-13th centuries from the Novy Svet shipwrecks, Crimea, the Black Sea: Preliminary typology and archaeometric studies 

George Koutsouflakis
The transportation of amphorae, tableware and foodstuffs in the Middle and Late Byzantine period: The evidence from Aegean shipwrecks 

Valentina Vezzoli
Food habits and tableware in Venice: The connection with the Mamluk Sultanate 

Concluding remarks

Johannes Koder
Multidisciplinary approaches to food and foodways in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean: Concluding remarks to the POMEDOR symposium 





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