Innovations for Building and Construction

Towards a better, stronger and sustainable future using advanced ICT
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1er janvier 2009
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Innovations for Building and Construction: towards a better, stronger and sustainable future using advanced ICT
Edwin Dado, Reza Beheshti and Khaldoun Zreik

Research vision for building and construction Hennes de Ridder and Reza Beheshti

Sensory social networks to motivate sustainable behaviour
Jos van Leeuwen, Ian Oakley, Nuno Nunes, Valentina Nisi and Vassilis Kostakos

Designing and manufacturing in migital mesign: the case of Jakob+MacFarlane 
Anne-Sophie Delaveau, Caroline Lecourtois, and François Guéna

Towards business process improvement: a construction case study
Bhargav Dave, Lauri Koskela, Mike Kagioglou, Robert Owen and Joseph Tah

The impact of future climate scenarios on decision making in building performance simulation: a case study
Christina Hopfe, Fried Augenbroe, Jan Hensen, Aad Wijsman and Wim Plokker

COLAB and collaborative design of sustainable buildings
Hans Hubers

An immersive, multisensory and interactive approach for landscape stu in virtual environments: the wind turbines' case
Jihen Jallouli and Guillaume Moreau

A sustainable collaborative approach to promote publications related to advanced design sciences and technology in the domains of architecture, construction and urban planning
Rachel Kamga and Khaldoun Zreik

A control framework for a biomimetic structure
Ian Smith

Incorporation of mitigations on the run in probabilistic network planning 
Lex van Gunsteren and Rien de Graaf

A decision-based design approach for collaborative construction
Ruud Binnekamp, Jeroen Burger and Peter-Paul van Loon

The communication of heritage spaces within a sustainable context using ICT
Nada El-Khoury and Giovanni De Paoli

Bayesian Networks for commissioning and decision making-aid in low energy building design
Nazila Hannachi-Belkadi and François Guéna

The mapping of conceptual structure by star topologies: a case study on community
Lanting Clare Tseng

Model-based CE-performance assessment in BC industry
Nesen Surmeli, Jan-Willem van de Kuilen, Wolfgang Gard and
Reza Beheshti

The value of a public private partnerships(ppp)
Raymond Turner, Hennes de Ridder and John Ratcliffe

The usage of evacuated solar tubes for heating purpose in residential buildings: green energy Benny-farm Montreal as a sample
Meltem Yilmaz

Web-based feedback system for construction: features, demands and content
Sami Kärnä, Juha-Matti Junnonen and Mitri Häkkinen

An innovative knowledge structure for supporting collaboration in
building design
Gianfranco Carrara, Antonio Fioravanti and Umberto Nanni

The Living Building Concept as design tool for safe buildings
Shahid Suddle, Hennes de Ridder, Tufail Ghauharali and John Stoop

Framework for supporting sustainable design
Tajin Biswas and Ramesh Krishnamurti

The ubiquitous design environment for structural engineers
Martinus van de Ruitenbeek and Reza Beheshti

Composing smart houses
Yi-Pin Huang and Sheng-Fen Chien

3D activity representation and analysis, as a basic unit to construct development process models, considering complex characteristics
Javier Pereda, Arturo Molina and Godfried Augenbroe

Towards a holistic model for effective knowledge management for the building and construction departments within the Dutch defence organization
Edwin Dado and Tim Grant

IT domain ontology map as an access to scientific corpus for advanced learners
Gérald Kembellec, Imad Saleh and Catherine Sauvaget

Construction project requirements and needs elicitation by prioritising wishes
Saban Özsariyildiz and Reza Beheshti

StructuralComponents: parametric associative structural design tools for high-rise
Janwillem Breider and Jeroen Coenders


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