Ancestral Landscapes

Ancestral Landscapes

Burial Mounds int the Copper and Bronze Ages. (Central and Eastern Europe – Balkans – Adriatic – Aegean, 4th-2nd millennium B.C.)

Édité par Elisabetta Borgna, Sylvie Müller-Celka

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This volume provides a comprehensive study of the burial mound phenomenon which emerged in large parts of Europe during the Copper and Bronze Ages, with a major focus on the Mediterranean and eastern European regions.
Fifty-one papers are grouped into broad sections dealing with the symbolism of burial mounds, the relationship between landscapes, landmarks and cultural identity, burial customs as rituals and a new look at theories on diffusionism. They define the natural and cultural contexts in which tumulus burial architecture first appeared in these parts of the world and attempt to explain the ideological, social and ritual meaning of burial mounds as community monuments. Most contributions include new evidence from excavations and surface surveys, some provide a welcome re‑examination of old data, including skeletal remains.
The subjects discussed concern not only funerary practices and beliefs but also further archaeological issues such as landscapes and land use, early exploitation of metal resources, the organization of long‑distance exchange, interaction networks, and the emergence of complexity in human societies.

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Titre Ancestral Landscapes
Sous-titre Burial Mounds int the Copper and Bronze Ages. (Central and Eastern Europe – Balkans – Adriatic – Aegean, 4th-2nd millennium B.C.)
Édition Première édition
Partie du titre Numéro 58
Partie du titre Volume 1
Édité par Elisabetta Borgna, Sylvie Müller-Celka
ISSN 19554982
Langues anglais, français, allemand, italien
Éditeur MOM Éditions
Public visé 05 Enseignement supérieur
Description public visé Mots clés?/?Keywords?: Aegean, Adriatic, Balkans, Central Europe, Bronze Age, Chalcolithic, Eneolithic, biological anthropology, burial customs, burial mound, cultural interaction, funerary rituals, grave, landscape archaeology, metal, monument, tumulus.
Date de première publication du titre 30 avril 2012
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ISBN-10 2-35668-022-5
ISBN-13 978-2-35668-022-8
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Date de publication 30 avril 2012
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