Édité par Michael Zeitlin, André Bleikasten, Nicole Moulinoux

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  • Michael Zeitlin, Faulkner and the Scene of Misrecognition.
  • Joseph Adamson, Struggling Brothers: Recognition and Méconnaissance, Affect and Script in Go Down, Moses.
  • John N. Duvall, Was Ike Black? Avuncular Racechange in Go Down, Moses.
  • Charmaine Eddy, The Subject of Race: Imaginary Whiteness in Go Down, Moses.
  • Reginald Dyck, The Social Construction of Conscience in Faulkner's "Barn Burning".
  • Margo Crawford, The Interracial Embodiment of Contradiction in Absalom, Absalom!
  • Clifford E. Wulfaman, Outraged Recapitulation and Artful Garrulousness.
  • Jared F. Green,Brutal Communities: Speech, Misrecognition and the Discipline of Race in Light in August.
  • D. Stringer, Memory as Fetish: Light in August.
  • Lisa Hinrichsen, A History that has No Place: Trauma and Temple Drake in Sanctuary.




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