RANAM n° 50/2017

RANAM n° 50/2017

Discourse, Boundaries and Genres in English Studies: an Assessment

Édité par Jean-Jacques Chardin

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Albert Hamm, "The 50th anniversary of RANAM and the history of English Studies at the University of Strasbourg and beyond";

Isabelle Laboulais, « Les études anglaises aux Presses universitaires de Strasbourg (1920-1970) » ;

Jean-Jacques Chardin, “Presentation”;

Irma Taavistainen, “The Essay in Early Modern and Late Modern English Medical Writing”;

David Banks, “Establishing the Boundaries and Creating the Genre of the Scientific Research Article in the late Seventeenth Century”;

Monica Matei-Chesnoiu, “Shakespeare's Infernal Rivers: Topological Space and Dramatic Descensus ad Inferos”;

Anna Maria Cimitile, “Techne, the Visual Arts and Literary Genres: Fractal Epic of the Twenty-first Century”;

Jean-Jacques Lecercle, “Linguistic Creativity: Rule-Governed or Rule-Breaking?

Patrice Larroque, “The Linguistic Function of the Marker Steady  in African American English”;

François Maniez, “Representation of Conversational Style in the Oral Components of the BNC and the COCA: Towards the Description of a Mixed Genre”;

Philipp Schweighauser, “Playing Seriously with Genres: Sapir's 'Nootka' Texts and Mead's Balinese Anthropology”;

Claude Delmas, “Genre, Where -Relatives and (Inter)Subjectivity”;

Sandrine Sorlin, “The Second-person Pronoun Across Genres”;

Monika Fludernik, “First-Person Plural Fiction and Its Challenges”.

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