Dynamics of Constraints

Dynamics of Constraints

Essays on Notation; Editing and Performance

The three essays of Dynamics of Constraints express some fundamental issues addressed by ORCiM's research group 'the musician's relation to notation’. Paulo de Assis argues that critical editions should generate critical users, advocating for a new kind of editor and performer; Mieko Kanno’s contribution reflects the rapid expansion of the use of electronics in contemporary music, stating that every new work creates an original compositional environment, where the performer’s movement-sound co-ordination is given a new significance, while Juan Parra Cancino points towards a kind of composition, where both the performing and the listening experience don’t aim to achieve a 'final' version of the piece – an entity that might ever manifest.

Titre Dynamics of Constraints
Sous-titre Essays on Notation; Editing and Performance
Partie du titre Numéro 3
Auteurs Paulo de Assis, Paulo de Assis, Mieko Kanno, Mieko Kanno, Juan Parra Cancino, Juan Parra Cancino
Langue anglais
Éditeur Leuven University Press
Date de première publication du titre 01 septembre 2009
Support Livre broché
Nb de pages 48 p.
ISBN-10 9490389021
ISBN-13 9789490389024
Référence 113971-83
Date de publication 01 septembre 2009
Nombre de pages de contenu principal 48
Format 17 x 24 cm
Poids 250 gr
Prix 15,00 €




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