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Marisa Zavalloni
Adolescents' Values in a Changing Society
A Study of Trinidad Youth

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Sabel Zeitlin, Chales F. Sabel, Jonathan Zeitlin
World of Possibilities
Flexibility and mass production in Western industrialization

Histoire de l'industrialisation occidentale qui met en évidence que des possibilités n'ont pas été explorées au 19e siècle, mais que leurs variantes transformeront les économies à la fin du 20e siècle. L'ouvrage montre que les auteurs économiques...

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Auteurs divers, G. S. Bhalla, Frédéric Landy, Jean-Louis Racine, G. S. Bhalla, Frédéric Landy, Jean-Louis Racine
Agriculture and The World Trade Organisation
Indian and French Perspectives

The volume offers to the reader a multi-faceted dialogue between noted experts from two major agricultural countries, both founding members of the Word Trade Organisation, each one with different stakes in the great globalisation game. After providing...

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Cyrille Fijnaut
The Impact of World War II on Policing in North-West Europe
Leuven University Press

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Vincent Viaene, Vincent Viaene
The Papacy and the New World Order. La papauté et le nouvel ordre mondial (1878-1903)
Vatican Diplomacy Catholic Opinion and International Politics at the Time of Leo XIII. Diplomatie vaticane opinion catholique et politique internationale au temps de Leo XIII
KADOC-Studies on Religion, Culture and Society n° 4
Leuven University Press

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Sidney J. Blatt, Sidney J. Blatt, Jozef Corveleyn, Jozef Corveleyn, Patrick Luyten, Patrick Luyten
The Theory and Treatment of Depression
Towards a Dynamic Interactionism Model
Figures of the Unconscious / Figures de l'Inconscient n° 5

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Herman Van der Wee, Monique Verbreyt
A Small Nation in the Turmoil of the Second World War
Money, Finance and Occupation (Belgium, its Enemies, its friends, 1939-1945)
Leuven University Press

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Claire Omhovère
Perceptions et représentations de l'espace dans le monde anglophone
Perceiving & Representing Space in the English-Speaking World
Perceptions et représentations de l'espace dans le monde anglophone
Regards croisés sur le monde anglophone

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Gianfranco Carrara, Antonio Fioravanti, Armando Trento
Connecting Brains Shaping the World
Collaborative Design Spaces
Europia productions

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Rajesh Heyninckx, Rajesh Heyninckx, Tom Avermaete, Tom Avermaete
Making a New World
Architecture & Communities in Interwar Europe
KADOC-Artes n° 13

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Marc Laureys, Roswitha Simons
The Art of Arguing in the World of Renaissance Humanism
Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia n° 34
Leuven University Press

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Patrick Degryse
Glass Making in the Greco-Roman World
Results of the ARCHGLASS project
Studies in Archaeological Sciences n° 4
Leuven University Press

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Jan De Maeyer, Vincent Viaene
World Views and Worldly Wisdom · Visions et expériences du monde
Religion, ideology and politics, 1750–2000 · Religion, idéologie et politique, 1750–2000
KADOC-Studies on Religion, Culture and Society n° 17
Leuven University Press

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Andrew Griffiths, Sara Prieto, Soenke Zehle
Literary Journalism and World War I: Marginal Voices
Regards croisés sur le monde anglophone
Presses universitaires de Nancy - Editions Universitaires de Lorraine

Incorporating a wide range of international critical perspectives, this book offers a rich and complex vision of the press during the Great War. By presenting excerpts from several primary sources alongside a contextual gloss and a scholarly essay, the collection highlights the varied effects produced when literary techniques were fused with...

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Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Jan De Maeyer, Martin Bressani
Gothic Revival Worldwide
A.W.N. Pugin's Global Influence
KADOC-Artes n° 16
Leuven University Press

The year 2012 marked the bicentenary of the gothic revival architect A.W.N. Pugin. His influence as a designer not only spread fast globally, but also played a leading part in the transformation of material culture from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. Pugin's work has been comprehensively reevaluated over the last decade.

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