Perfect Medium?

Perfect Medium?

Oracular Divination in the Thought of Plutarch
Els Giovanna Simonetti

An in-depth analysis of oracular divination in Plutarch's thought
Oracular divination was of special concern for Plutarch of Chaeronea (45–120 AD), Platonic philosopher as well as priest at the oracle of Apollo in Delphi. The peculiar nature of Delphic divination as an (im)perfect intermediary between the material and the immaterial world is fathomed in a thorough study of Plutarch’s Delphic dialogues. This in-depth philosophical-conceptual analysis will disclose an original interpretation of oracular divination in Plutarch as interconnected with his psychological and cosmological conceptions. A Perfect Medium? reveals the Delphic temple as a crucial element in Plutarch’s philosophy, as a microcosm reflecting the cosmic dynamics, and as a symbol embodying the relationship between human thirst for knowledge and divine absolute wisdom.

Titre Perfect Medium?
Sous-titre Oracular Divination in the Thought of Plutarch
Édition Première édition
Auteur Els Giovanna Simonetti
Langue anglais
Éditeur Leuven University Press
BISAC Classifications thématiques LIT004190 LITERARY CRITICISM / Ancient & Classical
PHI002000 PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / Ancient & Classical
BIC Classifications thématiques DB Classical texts
HPCA Western philosophy: Ancient, to c 500
Public visé 06 Professionnel et académique
CLIL (Version 2013 ) 3437 Antiquité
Date de première publication du titre 10 octobre 2017
Subject Scheme Identifier Code      93 Classification thématique Thema: FBC
Support Livre relié
Nb de pages 256 p.
ISBN-10 9462701113
ISBN-13 9789462701113
Référence 121713-83
Date de publication 10 octobre 2017
Contenu du produit Text (eye-readable)
Nombre de pages de contenu principal 256
Format 16 x 24 x 1,7 cm
Poids 544 gr
Prix 75,00 €




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