Rising Powers, Institutions and Elites

Rising Powers, Institutions and Elites

Brazil, China, Russia, Turkey

Édité par Daniel Bourmaud, Nicolas Monceau
Traduit par Jones Moya, Cecilia Barker, Elena Polunina

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List of contributors
Nicolas Monceau and Daniel Bourmaud
Part I: Rising Powers and Institutions
Presentation. Major Emerging Nations Seen from the Inside
Daniel Bourmaud
Executive-Judiciary Relationships and the Strengthening
of the Judiciary in Brazilian Presidentialism
Jorge Barrientos-Parra and Lizandra de Fátima Donato
Intellectual Differentiations and Debates on the Rule of Law
in Contemporary China: Liberalism versus Leftism
Wenhua Jia
Government and Business in the Regions
and Small Towns of Russia: A Neo-Institutional Analysis
Alla Chirikova
Institutional Trust in China
Ting Yan
Part II: Rising Powers and Elites
Transformation of Post-Soviet Political-Administrative Elites
Alexander Duka
Neoliberal Form of Governmentality and the Islamization
of Turkey under the AKP Rule:
Growth vs. Fundamental Freedoms
Ayhan Kaya
Civil-Military Relations in Turkey up to
the Failed Military Coup Attempt of July 2016
Nicolas Monceau





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