I have drawn pictures of the war

The eye of Françoise and Alfred Brauner

Préface de Irina Bokova
Édité par Rose Duroux, Catherine Milkovitch-Rioux

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Foreword (Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General)
Introduction (Rose Duroux and Catherine Milkovitch-Rioux)

I. 1900 - 1939
The Second Boer War
The First world war
Persecutions in Nazi Germany
The Spanish Civil War

II. 1939-1945
1938: Invasion of the Czechoslovakia
The Second World War
Invasion of Poland
Children in camps
The A-bomb

III. 1945 - 2001
The Algerian War
The Civil war in Guatemala
The Vietnam War
The Cambodian War
The Western Sahara War
The Israeli-Palistinian Conflict
The War in Lebanon
The War in Afghanistan
The Civil war in El Salvador
The War in former Yugoslavia
The War in Kosovo
First War in Chechnya

The Rights of the Child

Selective bibliography
Table of drawings
Table of illustrations and photo credits





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J'ai dessiné la guerre
Le regard de Françoise et Alfred Brauner