Faulkner's Maturity

Faulkner's Maturity

Édité par André Bleikasten, Michel Gresset, Nicole Moulinoux, François Pitavy

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  • François Pitavy, If I Forget Thee, jerusalem: a pivot in Faulkner's career.
  • Michael Zeitlin, Méconnaissance and (the Shadowy Indefinite Shape of) Truth in If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem.
  • Peter Lurie, Screening Readerly Pleasures: Modernism, Melodrama and Mass Markets in If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem.
  • Noel Polk, Eula and the Good Old Boys: Testing Masculinity in The Hamlet and The Town.
  • Michel Gresset & Jacques Pothier, The Hamlet: Revisiting Faulkner's pastoral symphony.
  • Jay Watson, "Coming to Pieces on me": Narrative Technique and Narrational Anxiety in The Hamlet, or, Why the Long Summer is so Long.
  • Jacques Pothier, The Fall of the House of Jamshyd, or The Hamlet as a Gothic Novel.
  • André Bleikasten, Faulkner's restless maturity: go down, moses.
  • Ikuko Fujihira, The Laugh of Isaac's Wife: Women's Un-Marriage in Go Down, Moses.
  • Takaki Hiraishi, 'Mammy' as Faulkner's Repressed Mother: Molly Beauchamp's Genealogy.
  • Ineke Bockting, Look Lack Ah Just Cant Quit: Suicidal Behavior and Aggression in Faulkner's "Pantaloon in Black".
  • Nicole Moulinoux, The Remainder of Language in "Pantaloon in Black".
  • Michael Lahey, Bodily Signs: Narratizing Race and Mourning in "Pantaloon in Black".
  • Pia Masiero Marcolin, Denied Legacies: Tomey's Turl
  • Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, William Faulkner's and Aldo Leopold's Theories of the Land in "The Bear". A Coincidence?




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