New Perspectives on Andrew Marvell

New Perspectives on Andrew Marvell

Édité par Gilles Sambras

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Andrew Marvell remains one of the most important and enigmatic figures of the seventeenth-century. A poet and a politician, he stands at the intriguing intersection of literature and politics and as such, he has attracted the interest of both literary critics and historians. The essays collected in this volume reflect the variety and vivacity of Marvellian study. Examining the poetical and political works, the English and the Latin poems, these essays contribute to establishing Marvell's reputation as a man of his time, concerned with science, education, politics and esthetics. Thus, beyond providing the reader with a better and deeper understanding of the poet and the man, they offer an insight into a particularly complex and fascinating period of English history. In the process, one is led to understand that Marvell is also a man for our time, not just because of the timeless charm of his poetry but also because his more "prosaic" preoccupations have unceasingly haunted our modernity.

Titre New Perspectives on Andrew Marvell
Édité par Gilles Sambras
Langue anglais
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Date de première publication du titre 08 septembre 2008
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Date de publication 08 septembre 2008
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Titre original New Perspectives on Andrew Marvell

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