Augmented Heritage

Augmented Heritage

New Era for Architectural Design, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Édité par Khaldoun Zreik, Reza Beheshti, Oqba Fakoush

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Khaldoun Zreik, Reza Beheshti and Oqba Fakoush

Augmented Heritage: A Sustainable ICT Challenge 
Khaldoun Zreik and Reza Beheshti

Prodomea IT Tool 
Antonella Grossi, José Delgado Rodrigues, Talal Akili, Angela Chahoud, Andrea

Bulgarelli and Mouffak Doughman
Fusing Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry Creating Close Range

Architectural Orthoimages 
Bjorn van Genechten and Herman Neuckermans

MArCo: A Knowledge-Based Architectural Reconstruction System for Hypothesis Testing 
Didier Boucard

Extracting and Exploring Aggregates of Web Documents with Experimental Visualisation Tools 
Franck Ghitalla, Fabien Pfaender and Camille Maussang

ICT and the Ancient City of Byblos: A New Direction for the Communication of Intangible Heritage 
Giovanni de Paoli and Nada El-Khoury

Digital Historical Reconstruction: Case Studies of an Interdisciplinary
Han Vandevyvere, Herman Neuckermans and Krista De Jonge

Optimization of Repetitive Cycles on Building Sites with Genetic Algorithms 
Hind Aljazaerli and Jean Claude Mangin

What Can Cognitive Science Bring To Design Computing? 
John Gero

Spatiality and Virtuality: Perception Virtual Urban Environments 
Mohamed Alaa Mandour

Creating Constructive Online Educational Environment 
Mona Abdel Fattah Younes

Interactive installations on the threshold of built heritage 
Nadia Mounajjed, Chengzhi Peng and Stephen Walker

NGI Technologies for the Integration and Presentation of Construction Management Information 
Edwin Dado, Reza Beheshti and Hennes de Ridder

Integration of Uncertainties in the Assessment of Green Buildings 
Reem Essa, Youssef Diab and Denis Morand

The Use of ICT to Support Urban Heritage Appraisal 
Rima El Hassan and Hisham Elkadi

Revival of Courtyard's Type through Sustainable Mixed-Use Buildings …
Roula Ntefeh, Christian Marenne and Daniel Siret

Building Design Using Geometrical Patterns 
Sevil Sariyildiz

A Comparative Study in Using Virtual Environments for Urban Daylight Analysis 
Souha Tahrani, Guillaume Moreau and Philippe Woloszyn

The Living Archive 
Urs Hirschberg, Christian Fröhlich, Wenzel Wondra and Ulrich Reiterer

Three Layered Agents Evaluators for Three Layered Structural Optimisation Problems in A Multi Agents Structural Tool ………………
Cherif Branki, Tilmann Bitterberg, Alan Bridges, Adam Borkowski and Ewa Grabska

Applying Genetic Algorithms for Optimisation of Repetitive Activities Scheduling Mohammed Al Joma and Jean-Claude Mangin





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