Followed by Swimming

Traduit par Amy Hollowell


In his text Why?, the poet Laurent Albarracin, true to his method based on analogy and tautology, which eventually join, inquires about the nature of things by asking a long series of questions that ressemble aphorisms. Starting with Angelius Silesius's famous line, '‘The rose is without why, it blooms simply because it blooms,’’ the text offers a reverse proposition, which involves obsessively questioning the thing so that it will bloom. The poetic language, between humor and speculation, endlessly explores the obvious and affirms the mystery. Through the litany of questions, there emerges both an ontogical exploration of things and the expression of a radical wonder, naive and childish, before them.

Titre Why?
Sous-titre Followed by Swimming
Édition Première édition
Traduit par Amy Hollowell
Collection To
Langue anglais
Éditeur Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre
BISAC Classifications thématiques POE000000 POETRY
POE005010 POETRY / American
BIC Classifications thématiques DC Poetry
DCF Poetry by individual poets
Dewey (abrégé) 810 American literature in English
811 Poetry
Public visé 05 Enseignement supérieur
CLIL (Version 2013-2019 ) 3633 Poésie
3638 Poésie contemporaine
Date de première publication du titre 05 mars 2020
Code Identifiant de classement sujet      24 : Litt5.1      24 : Litt5      93 Classification thématique Thema: DCC
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Support Livre broché
Nb de pages 140 p. Bibliographie .
ISBN-13 9791024014142
Référence 124241-27
Date de publication 05 mars 2020
Publication Mont-Saint-Aignan, France
Contenu du produit Text (eye-readable)
Nombre de pages de contenu principal 140
Format 11,5 x 18,5 cm
Poids 150 gr
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