« Raconter d'autres partages ».

« Raconter d'autres partages ».

Littérature, anthropologie et histoire culturelle. Mélanges offerts à Nicole Jacques-Lefèvre.

Édité par Christophe Martin, Jean-Christophe Abramovici, Michèle Rosellini, Yannck Séîté

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This volume brings together a series of contributions in homage to Nicole Jacques-Lefèvre who was a major figure in the development of literature research at the ENS in Fontenay-Saint-Cloud in the last quarter of the twentieth century. These contributions, all signed by former students of Nicole Jacques-Lefèvre, testify to the influence of her teaching, the seminal value of the tracks and the research methods she has developed, and the important place occupied today by Her thought in the French





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