Ludovica Anedda

After her undergraduate studies in International Relations and Human Rights at the University of St Andrews, Ludovica Anedda obtained her Master degree in Educational Sciences "Analysis and Intervention in Educational Systems" (AISE) at the University of Geneva.

She has worked as a consultant for European institutions and agencies on gender equality and education policies, and currently works as Advocacy Officer for the NGO CARE France, focusing on the integration of gender equality throughout the 2019 G7 processes.

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Ludovica Anedda
Controversies around educational projects for gender equality in Italy
Cahiers de la Section des sciences de l'éducation
Publications de la Section des sciences de l'éducation - Université de Genève

Le propos de ce livre est de revenir sur les polémiques qui sont apparues entre 2013 et 2016 en Italie autour de la théorie-du-genre et ses impacts supposés dans l'éducation.

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