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Bram Cleys, Jan De Maeyer, Bruno De Meulder, Allen Howard
Missionary Places 1850-1950
Imagining, Building, Contesting Christianities
KADOC-Artes n° 17
Universitaire Pers Leuven

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Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Jan De Maeyer, Martin Bressani
Gothic Revival Worldwide
A.W.N. Pugin's Global Influence
KADOC-Artes n° 16
Leuven University Press

The year 2012 marked the bicentenary of the gothic revival architect A.W.N. Pugin. His influence as a designer not only spread fast globally, but also played a leading part in the transformation of material culture from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. Pugin's work has been comprehensively reevaluated over the last decade.

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Thomas Crombez, Luk Van den Dries
Mass Theatre in Interwar Europe
Flanders and the Netherlands in an International Perspective
KADOC-Artes n° 15
Leuven University Press

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Leen Meganck, Linda Van Santvoort, Jan De Maeyer
Regionalism and Modernity
Architecture in Western Europe 1914-1940

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Rajesh Heyninckx, Rajesh Heyninckx, Tom Avermaete, Tom Avermaete
Making a New World
Architecture & Communities in Interwar Europe
KADOC-Artes n° 13

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Nicholas Bullock, Nicholas Bullock, Luc Verpoest, Luc Verpoest
Living with History; 1914-1964
Rebuilding Europe after the First and Second World Wars and the Role of Heritage Preservation / La reconstruction en Europe après la Première et la Seconde Guerre Mondiale et le rôle de la conservation des monuments historiques
KADOC-Artes n° 12

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Cathérine Verleysen, Cathérine Verleysen
Maurice Denis et la Belgique; 1890-1930
KADOC-Artes n° 11

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Linda Van Santvoort, Linda Van Santvoort, Jan De Maeyer, Jan De Maeyer, Tom Verschaffel, Tom Verschaffel
Sources of Regionalism in the Nineteenth-Century
Architecture; Art and Literature
KADOC-Artes n° 9

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Wolfgang Cortjaens, Wolfgang Cortjaens, Jan De Maeyer, Jan De Maeyer, Tom Verschaffel, Tom Verschaffel
Historism and Cultural Identity in the Rhine-Meuse Region
Tensions between Nationalism and Regionalism in the Nineteenth Century
KADOC-Artes n° 10

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Thomas Coomans, Thomas Coomans, Jan De Maeyer, Jan De Maeyer
The Revival of Medieval Illumination. Renaissance de l'enluminure médiévale
Nineteenth-Century Belgium Manuscripts and Illuminations from a European Perspective. Manuscrits et enluminures belges du XIXe siecle et leur contexte europeen
KADOC-Artes n° 8

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